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Wed, 18 Dec 2013 18:29:46 +0000en-UShourly1http://wordpress.org/?v=3.58 Min Pull Up Workout – HASfit Pullup Exercises – Pull Up Training – Pull Up Bar Workouts Exercisehttp://exercisefitnesstoday.com/videos/8-min-pull-up-workout-hasfit-pullup-exercises-pull-up-training-pull-up-bar-workouts-exercise/

http://exercisefitnesstoday.com/videos/8-min-pull-up-workout-hasfit-pullup-exercises-pull-up-training-pull-up-bar-workouts-exercise/#commentsWed, 21 Aug 2013 16:27:02 +0000http://exercisefitnesstoday.com/videos/8-min-pull-up-workout-hasfit-pullup-exercises-pull-up-training-pull-up-bar-workouts-exercise/

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http://exercisefitnesstoday.com/videos/super-sexy-big-booty-girls-home-workout-3-workouts-featuring-fitness-model-michelle-jacot/#commentsWed, 05 Dec 2012 20:27:32 +0000http://exercisefitnesstoday.com/videos/super-sexy-big-booty-girls-home-workout-3-workouts-featuring-fitness-model-michelle-jacot/

]]>http://exercisefitnesstoday.com/videos/super-sexy-big-booty-girls-home-workout-3-workouts-featuring-fitness-model-michelle-jacot/feed/0Wii Workouts – Nickelodeon Fit – Everyone Togetherhttp://exercisefitnesstoday.com/videos/wii-workouts-nickelodeon-fit-everyone-together/

http://exercisefitnesstoday.com/videos/wii-workouts-nickelodeon-fit-everyone-together/#commentsThu, 19 Jul 2012 15:27:20 +0000http://exercisefitnesstoday.com/videos/wii-workouts-nickelodeon-fit-everyone-together/

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http://exercisefitnesstoday.com/videos/hot-workouts-skipping/#commentsWed, 13 Jun 2012 02:27:02 +0000http://exercisefitnesstoday.com/videos/hot-workouts-skipping/

]]>http://exercisefitnesstoday.com/videos/hot-workouts-skipping/feed/0Women''s Body Sculpting Workouts, Cards, Part 1 of 4 Chest (beginners)http://exercisefitnesstoday.com/videos/womens-body-sculpting-workouts-cards-part-1-of-4-chest-beginners/

http://exercisefitnesstoday.com/videos/womens-body-sculpting-workouts-cards-part-1-of-4-chest-beginners/#commentsWed, 07 Mar 2012 11:27:30 +0000http://exercisefitnesstoday.com/videos/womens-body-sculpting-workouts-cards-part-1-of-4-chest-beginners/

]]>http://exercisefitnesstoday.com/videos/womens-body-sculpting-workouts-cards-part-1-of-4-chest-beginners/feed/0Exercise Addiction Symptoms And Treatmenthttp://exercisefitnesstoday.com/featured/exercise-addiction-symptoms-and-treatment-2/

http://exercisefitnesstoday.com/featured/exercise-addiction-symptoms-and-treatment-2/#commentsTue, 18 Oct 2011 09:28:02 +0000http://exercise.exercisefitnesstoday.com/featured/exercise-addiction-symptoms-and-treatment-2/Exercise is taken into account to be an ideal activity that enhances the health and well-being of folks. Despite the fact that exercises usher in emotional and physical wellbeing advantages, engaging in too much and irrational working out regimes may cause exercise addiction. Exercise addition is different from that of the healthy regular exercise in being maladaptive, as addiction to exercise can threaten the health of people, trigger physical damages and injuries to individuals, and can even pave way for eating problems in some situations. It shares a similarity with the other addictions in the way that it produces an impact on the tolerance, mood and withdrawal.

Called exercise dependence, compulsory exercising and obligatory exercise among the other names, addiction to exercise can result into a negative impact on the lives of individuals who get addicted to exercises, as the individuals start neglecting many duties and commitments, as that come in the shape of careers, families and social engagements. As an under-recognized subject, addiction to exercise can end in overuse injuries, permanent bone injury and hormone imbalances, where the amount connected to workouts isn’t the only criteria to recognize this type of addiction in individuals. There are exercise addiction symptoms that help uncover addiction in an individual, as it might vary from one person to another individual.

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No matter what you understand about Shopping Addiction, going to the addiction treatment website is highly recommended for you to identify how to deal with all forms of addiction.

]]>http://exercisefitnesstoday.com/featured/exercise-addiction-symptoms-and-treatment-2/feed/0How to Choose the Best Exercises to Ensure Optimal Success in Your Muscle Building Programhttp://exercisefitnesstoday.com/featured/how-to-choose-the-best-exercises-to-ensure-optimal-success-in-your-muscle-building-program/

http://exercisefitnesstoday.com/featured/how-to-choose-the-best-exercises-to-ensure-optimal-success-in-your-muscle-building-program/#commentsSat, 08 Oct 2011 12:28:01 +0000http://exercisefitnesstoday.com/featured/how-to-choose-the-best-exercises-to-ensure-optimal-success-in-your-muscle-building-program/Deciding on what workout techniques to incorporate in your own personal muscle building regimen often has a great impact on its general result. Regardless of how adequately you have sorted out everything, it will definitely be unsuccessful if you do the wrong exercise routines. Hence, planning on what exercises to use is not only a basic action, its also one essential detail that must be concentrated upon to achieve success in the whole procedure.

Regularly, selecting which type of drills to include in your muscle building practice would depend on what your main goals and objectives happen to be. Seeing that these workouts employ a very specialized function and aim, it is without a doubt practical to understand how they work so as to make sure that you’ll recognize how to plan out your individual training session appropriately.

How Compound Isolation Exercises differ from Isolation Exercises                                                                                             

Often, your muscle building drills are classed into two general categories. One type, called compound exercises, are those types that puts an array of muscle groups to work throughout the exercise. With this design, it is going to make the whole routine significantly more intense thus resulting with more rapid muscle mass gains at the shortest time workable. Examples of these exercises are squats, deadlifts, rows and bench press.

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Get paper-thin skin with razor sharp edges! Start the ultimate transformation now! Visit us at muscle building techniques on how to do just that!

]]>http://exercisefitnesstoday.com/featured/how-to-choose-the-best-exercises-to-ensure-optimal-success-in-your-muscle-building-program/feed/0Six Pack Abdominal Exercises ? The Best Of The Best Workoutshttp://exercisefitnesstoday.com/featured/six-pack-abdominal-exercises-the-best-of-the-best-workouts/

http://exercisefitnesstoday.com/featured/six-pack-abdominal-exercises-the-best-of-the-best-workouts/#commentsSat, 08 Oct 2011 12:27:48 +0000http://exercise.exercisefitnesstoday.com/featured/six-pack-abdominal-exercises-the-best-of-the-best-workouts/So you want to get rock hard, chiseled and sexy abdominal muscles? Who doesn’t! When it comes to getting a killer six pack, knowledge is definitely power but true power is when you act on that knowledge. In this article I will be giving you knowledge about the best six pack abdominal exercises. Then you will need to take action on what you learn so that your dream of having a six pack becomes an actual reality.

If you are excited about the potential to totally transform your stomach from fat to fab, then keep reading because all the best abdominal exercises will be revealed in this eye opening article…

One of the most powerful abdominal exercises of all time is known as the ab bicycle. Not only does it give you a razor sharp six pack but it also strengthens the core muscle groups. It targets both the upper and lower abs as well as the hard to hit obliques (side muscles). Doing this exercise yields fast results and if you have never done the ab bicycle before you will really feel your abs working hard.

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Want to discover the top best and most efficient abdominal exercises to get you http://www.HowToGet6Pack.com

]]>http://exercisefitnesstoday.com/featured/six-pack-abdominal-exercises-the-best-of-the-best-workouts/feed/0Exercise Bikes vs. Treadmillshttp://exercisefitnesstoday.com/featured/exercise-bikes-vs-treadmills/

http://exercisefitnesstoday.com/featured/exercise-bikes-vs-treadmills/#commentsThu, 06 Oct 2011 01:27:29 +0000http://exercise.exercisefitnesstoday.com/featured/exercise-bikes-vs-treadmills/You’ve decided you want to exercise at home. There are hundreds of pieces of home cardio equipment available. The most popular are treadmills and exercise bikes. In deciding between the two, you should compare long-term sustainability, the effectiveness of the workouts, and safety.Overcoming BoredomThe biggest obstacle to a home exercise routine is sticking with it. You don’t have to drive to a gym, so your home fitness equipment is more convenient. The problem is that other distractions are just as convenient at home. The key is to make your routine fun. You want to look forward to your daily workout. You have to be realistic. Playing with the heart rate monitor or watching the calorie counter go up will only be fun the first couple of times you exercise.o Treadmill vs. BoredomOn a treadmill, you walk. Walking isn’t that fun. You can walk at different speeds, but that isn’t really much more fun. If you get a treadmill that offers an incline, that keeps it a bit more interesting. Walking uphill isn’t exactly fun, but it’s different. It presents a challenge.You can’t really read on a treadmill because you are bouncing up and down. You can’t keep your eyes on the same sentence, and you usually end up with a headache. Basically, the only thing fun to do on a treadmill is watch television or movies. If you are really into TV or movies and are able to put your treadmill in front of a television, you can probably keep your treadmill workout from becoming too boring. Problems consist of commercials, the noise coming from the machine, and again, the bouncing.o Exercise Bikes vs. BoredomExercise bikes are unique in that many of them come programmed with various biking routines. You simulate different courses that require you to sprint, pedal uphill, and perform at different levels within one workout without having to keep pressing buttons and changing everything. You can even select random programs so you don’t know what’s coming, which really keeps you on your toes. Some exercise bikes can even be plugged into televisions and video games to let you interactively pedal through visual courses.On upright exercise bikes, you run into some of the same problems as treadmills as far as reading is concerned. Recumbent bikes, however, allow your hands to be free to hold a book or magazine, video game controller, or phone. Multi-tasking during an exercise bike workout keeps it from becoming boring and allows your workout to more easily fit into a busy schedule.Defeating boredom to successfully keep up a long-term exercise routine is much easier with an exercise bike than a treadmill.The Calorie FactorIn a study conducted by Nordic Track, young, healthy people used various exercise machines and did cardio workouts. Although they felt they used the same intensity on all machines, they burned the most calories on treadmills and ski machines.On average, most people burn about 750 calories per hour on a treadmill. The same people are likely to burn about 550 calories per hour on an exercise bike. So it’s a no-brainer, right? You should get a treadmill because they burn more calories.Well, not exactly. You can’t get so caught up in which machine burns the most calories. You have to take a lot of other factors into consideration. How likely are you to sustain a treadmill routine as opposed to an exercise bike routine?Because exercise bikes are usually more fun than treadmills, you are much more likely to stick with it long-term. This means that even though you can burn more calories on a treadmill, you are also more likely to stop using it altogether.You might also find it difficult to use it long enough per workout session to get the full benefits. Most people find it easier to workout for 20 minutes on an exercise bike than 20 minutes on a treadmill. You have to think about that. If you are likely to only do 10 minutes on a treadmill but can easily do 20 minutes on an exercise bike, you will burn more calories per session on an exercise bike.So just going strictly by the numbers, treadmills burn more calories. If you easily get bored or have tried and failed to stick with exercise routines in the past, you might want to consider burning less calories per hour in favor of a sustainable long-term exercise bike regimen.Your SafetyThe biggest difference between exercise bikes and treadmills is overall safety to your body.The first case of safety is the most basic. You can fall off of a treadmill. It’s very difficult, however, to fall off of an exercise bike. In fact, you would probably have to try to fall when riding an exercise bike. While you might be thinking you’d have to be pretty clumsy to fall while walking, it happens more than you’d think. People get involved with watching television or the beat of music. One wrong step and you can seriously injure yourself. It’s also possible to spill water or sweat on the treadmill track, causing a safety hazard you might not notice until after you’ve slipped.Another safety hazard is injury from the activity itself. A treadmill puts quite a bit of stress on your joints, especially your knees and ankles. Even if you invest in a treadmill with some degree of shock absorption, when you eventually get to a jogging or running point, you can put severe orthopedic stress on your body, even up to three times your body weight. People with existing conditions such as arthritis will find a treadmill painful at times due to this stress. Otherwise healthy individuals can sustain injury and possible long-term damage over time.Exercise bikes put much less stress on your joints. A properly positioned exercise bike supports your weight and still allows you to receive the benefits of a higher impact cardio workout. Upright bikes can sometimes stress your back in the way you have to bend to reach the handlebars. Recumbent exercise bikes, however, can actually improve existing back pain by forcing proper posture and giving support as you exercise. On any exercise bike properly used, your knees and ankles are not stressed as they are on a treadmill.The less you stress joints, the less likely you are to sustain an injury during your workout. You are also less likely to be sore afterwards. Most importantly, a non-workout injury doesn’t always have to halt your exercise routine on an exercise bike. If you hurt your back or neck, you will find the support of a recumbent exercise bike will keep you from having to stop your exercise regimen altogether. Let’s face it – if you have to stop, you are less likely to start again.An Exercise Bike is Better for Your Health than a TreadmillAs you can see, both pieces of home fitness equipment have advantages. While the treadmill continues to be the most popular piece of home gym equipment, most people are more likely to faithfully use an exercise bike. This means you’re more likely to have to dust a treadmill until it gets the garage sale sticker.Michael Walker -About the Author:

Michael Walker is a freelance author providing useful information about home fitness equipment. His numerous articles offer comprehensive tips and solutions for the fitness enthusiast.

]]>http://exercisefitnesstoday.com/featured/exercise-bikes-vs-treadmills/feed/0The 5 Best Biceps Building Exercises for Beginning Bodybuildershttp://exercisefitnesstoday.com/featured/the-5-best-biceps-building-exercises-for-beginning-bodybuilders/

http://exercisefitnesstoday.com/featured/the-5-best-biceps-building-exercises-for-beginning-bodybuilders/#commentsTue, 23 Aug 2011 03:27:27 +0000http://exercise.exercisefitnesstoday.com/featured/the-5-best-biceps-building-exercises-for-beginning-bodybuilders/If you’re serious about building big, muscular biceps, then this is the list for you! But before I give you my Top 5 list for biceps-building success, let me explain my exercise selection criteria.

First, the exercises on this list are simple and for beginners who need a solid foundation in biceps-building fundamentals in order to achieve long-term success from their workouts. While these exercises are simple, they’re not easy. Their simplicity lies in the intuitive benefits that come from each biceps-building movement and the fact that you can do these exercises with a minimal time commitment. But getting the most from these exercises will still require careful attention to training technique and workout variety – the 2 keys to biceps-building success that are not always easy for beginning bodybuilders.

If you’re wondering whether you’re a beginning bodybuilder, here’s my general rule. You’re a beginner if you’ve been training your biceps once or twice per week for 6 months or less. You’re also a beginner if you been trying to build your biceps for more than 6 months with exercises other than those provided on my list. Why? Because if you haven’t mastered the biceps-building exercises listed in my Top 5, you’re not ready for the intermediate or advanced workout methods that you’ll eventually need to build truly Awesome Arms.

Second, to make my Top 5 list, the equipment needed for each biceps-building exercise must be universally available. That means that you can do all of these exercises with dumbbells, an EZ-curl bar and a basic workout bench which you can find in any gym or health club. You can also do these exercises at home with a very small investment in this equipment for your home gym. There’s no need for fancy machines or trendy gimmicks here.

Finally, each of my Top 5 biceps-building exercises will help you to simultaneously build mass, shape and power in your biceps, triceps and forearms. These muscle areas are directly targeted during each exercise to maximize growth and efficiency from your workouts.

Now that I’ve told you how I created my list, here are the Top 5 exercises for building the big, muscular biceps that you desire! They’re not listed in any particular order, so there’s no reason to think that one particular exercise is better than another. You must decide what works best for you through experimentation with each exercise. But rest assured that any biceps-building program that includes all of these exercises will definitely add inches, symmetry and power to your GUNS.

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Mark G. Winston -About the Author:

Mark G. Winston, “The Master Gunslinger,” is author of the ground-breaking training manual, “GO For Your GUNS – 7 Simple Secrets to AWESOME ARMS.” He has also created GOforyourGUNS.com, a bodybuilding and fitness website dedicated entirely to helping you build big, muscular arms. The book will be available in September 2007 and jammed with workouts and training techniques to help you build the big, muscular arms that you deserve! To learn about the GO For Your GUNS bodybuilding system and get free arm training tips that really work, visit www.GOforyourGUNS.com.