What Are Killer Exercises to Build Muscle?

What Are Killer Exercises to Build Muscle?

As a dad who works like a dog every week, I find it hard to get to the gym to work out and spend the time I need to exercise. When choosing to exercises to build muscle you must always start with free weights and doing reps that will increase muscle mass. So my trainer suggested that I start with a warm-up weight and then add more weight for each rep after that. Each time the reps will decrease, but your strength will increase because you are adding more weight. This will make you muscles grow larger because they have to work harder.

Whether you are skinny and still in high school or overweight and middle-aged, learning the most effective ways to build muscle will guarantee that your time is not wasted and progress comes fast. The following tips will answer the question, “How can I build muscle fast?”


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Building muscle is a process that requires sufficient protein intake as well as a calorie surplus. If you are eating 10,000 calories a day, but no protein, you will fail to build muscle. Likewise, if you are eating 400 grams of protein, but are in a calorie deficit, you will also fail to build muscle. Adequate nutrition that builds muscle fast requires sufficient calories as well as protein so that you can recover effectively from your workouts. An easy way to figure protein intake is to take your bodyweight in pounds and multiply it by 1.5. This is your minimum protein intake in grams. A 200 pound male would then take in 300 grams of protein per day. Along with this, a sufficient amount of carbohydrates (which are also necessary for the muscle-building process) and essential fats (which aid in recovery) must be consumed to continue the mass-building process.


Diet is necessary for muscle gaining purposes, but training is PARAMOUNT! A solid training regimen that builds muscle quickly will utilize major muscle groups together in an intense effort. This means that big, compound movements that allow the lifter to handle more of a load will provide the best results, especially when they are done for all out effort. A squat, for example, will utilize virtually every muscle in the body when done correctly. This allows a greater load to be handled, which in turn yields a greater systemic stress on the musculature of the body. There is a direct correlation with the effort produced in a workout and testosterone released post workout. More testosterone equals more growth and bigger exercises equals more testosterone.

Exercise Selection

Put away the concentration curls and upgrade to bigger, whole body exercises. You asked, “how do I build muscle fast?”, and I’m telling you, with big weights. The most important time in your training is the time spent doing presses, squats, deadlifts, rows, or any other movement that requires multiple muscles to be used at once. Isolation work is always last, without exception. Focus on adding pounds to your deadlift and I promise that you will also add pounds to your frame.


Don’t over do it! Many ambitious youngsters try to be the ‘super athlete’ and wind up burning themselves out. Gaining mass requires a short, all out burst of effort followed by adequate rest. Your training sessions should be short (60-90 minutes) and done between 3 and 5 days a week. The time spent between these sessions should be dedicated to recovering so you can attack your next workout. Remember, bodybuilders can’t moonlight as marathon runners. If there are sport-specific skills that must be maintained, work them in during your training session.

Post Workout

There exists a 30 minute window post-workout where any nutrition you consume will be utilized towards muscle gain at an exponentially greater rate than any other time of day. Immediately following a workout take a post-workout shake that contains a 1:4 ratio of protein to fast-acting-carbohydrates. Ideally, this would be around 30 grams of protein to 120 grams of carbohydrates. The fast acting carbs will cause a spike in your blood sugar which, in turn, causes a spike in insulin levels. Insulin is the most anabolic hormone in the body, more so than testosterone!! And because your metabolism is running so high from the vicious weight training session you just had, these carbohydrates won’t be converted to bodyfat.


Many supplements on the market are worthless and cause little more than a placebo effect. Any pre-workout supplement can be replaced by a cup of iced coffee with some sugar. There are a few, however that are worth a second look. Creatine, when taken properly, spurs fast gains in muscularity as well as almost immediate gains in strength and endurance. Some have said, ‘it’s just water weight!’. Well, guess what? Muscle is mostly water! The fact is that taking creatine will add size to your arms and allow you to move more weight. Sounds like it’s a pretty useful supplement to me! Whey protein is simply another a tool to augment your daily protein intake. Whey is made from milk, and is a quality substance that is easily taken. Taking in 300 grams of beef, chicken, and tuna protein is not easy. Whey makes it easy. It doesn’t need to be designer brand. A 5 pound tub should cost no more than $45 and should be gone in a week. Fish Oil is an excellent natural anti-inflammatory, which is necessary for fast recovery and keeping your joints healthy.

If you are diligent in these steps, you are on your way to becoming a force to be reckoned with! Remember to prioritize: getting your training protocol solid is the most important thing. Then worry about your diet. Supplements, while helpful, are a distant third on the totem pole.

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So you will then want to add supplements to your overall diet and exercise routine so that you can nourish your muscles and have them put on mass. This is key to building up your muscles mass and getting the sexy toned sculpted muscles that you desire. Another important system is to have the rest period in between so that your muscles can grow and get bigger and stronger. It makes no sense to work out all the time if you don’t rest to let your muscles breathe and grow naturally without straining and getting hurt.

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